 2018 WEEF-GEDC Pre-Conference Workshops 

 Monday, November 12, 2018


FULL DAY SESSIONS: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

ABET Fundamentals of Program Assessment

 Presenter: Gloria Rogers, Ph.D., ABET

Learn to design assessment processes, develop measurable student outcomes and apply data collection and data reporting methods. Our facilitators are highly experienced faculty with wide-ranging experience in assessment and evaluation. This workshop focuses primarily on ABET Criterion 2: Program Educational Objectives, Criterion 3: Student Outcomes, and Criterion 4: Continuous Improvement.

 Registration Fee: $495, includes lunch. Capped at 60 attendees


Teaching, Learning, Assessing and Research: A Case Study in Digital Logic Design

 Presenters: Eric Hamke, University of New Mexico; Arturo J. Miguel de PriegoPontifical Catholic University of Perú; Amir RaeisiUniversity of New Mexico

This workshop uses discrete electronic components and software tools to challenge students to learn, create, evaluate outcomes, research and plant an entrepreneurial seed. The course starts with basic logic, gates, combinational and sequential circuits using discrete components, then moves to FPGAs, and finalizes using the QDEX environment to develop Mobile-Learning modules. The QDEX platform can be utilized to create any number of Mobile-Learning modules and can be used in remote laboratories.

 Registration Fee: $25 with conference; $75 without conference


Morning Sessions:  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

An Introduction to Design Thinking

 Presenter: Lueny Morell, InnovaHiEd

Innovation is the engine of industry, and it can also make a better world. This workshop trains the trainer on two industry-leading design methods to help engineers create more effective, sustainable, humane, and profitable work with innovative design skills.

 Registration Fee: $25 with conference; $75 without conference


Peace Engineering: Developing Curricula for a Trans-Disciplinary Emerging Field

 Presenters: James Tangorra, PhD, Drexel University; Margarita QuihuisPeace Innovation Lab, Stanford University; Mira Olson, PhDDrexel University;  Prof. William OakesPurdue University; Mark NelsonPeace Innovation Lab, Stanford University

This workshop uses a fluid dialogue to identify the desired skills, best practices and research questions needed for the future global engineer. Using working models from Stanford, Drexel and Purdue, along with insights from Engineers Without Borders, we will guide participants through the process of how to integrate peace engineering into their own courses or to create new sequences to meet their own goals.

 Registration Fee: $25 with conference; $75 without conference


Is Peer to Peer Interaction Part of Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

 Presenter: Eileen Webb, Accreditation Preparation, LLC

Entrepreneurship is hot these days. Many universities encourage academics to commercialize their research, teach classes in entrepreneurship, have maker spaces and incubators, and hold business plan competitions. But even if you have the budget to do some or all these things, you probably want better results. What’s often missing? Start up founders need focus, connections, community and accountability – and this doesn’t have to be expensive.

 Registration Fee: $25 with conference; $75 without conference


Afternoon Sessions:  1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Critical Conversations about Trust: Reflecting on our Experiences and Sharing our Insights

 Presenters: Caroline Baillie, University San Diego; Juan David Reina-Rozo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Jennifer Turns, University of Washington

Trust building for engineers who care about social justice, sustainability and equitable outcomes of their work, must be based on an interrogation and self-critique of the values and motivations behind the desire to work with the community. Explore ideas related to trust in your work with communities and in your classrooms. 

 Registration Fee: $25 with conference; $75 without conference


Smart Cities and Peace Engineering

 Presenters: Kamil Agi, President/CEO SensorComm Technologies, Inc.; Claudio Freitas, SPEED 

In this workshop, we will discuss to what extent engineers can help to shape the world and future cities so that communication systems, internet of things systems, big data, air quality, water, energy, health, food security, and other critical issues can help humankind to manage assets and resources efficiently to support +9 billion people in the future. We will engage participants in activities to discuss and present solutions addressed to real-world problems that affect urban life. Then, we will document these action plans to present to agencies and potential stakeholders in order to receive feedback and foster effective plans to advance and develop effective solutions to shape cities for our future.

 Registration Fee: $25 with conference; $75 without conference


Science of Play in Action

 Presenter: Matthew Brown, City of Sante Fe, NM

In this 2 hour workshop, we will dive into three different ways to define play, and how to evaluate the impact of play along a development spectrum. We will talk about the difference between a fun and play, and how a richer understanding of science and practice of play can enhance the work of engineers, technologists, innovators, etc. We’ll then turn our attention to discussing how play can be fused into a business’ structure and processes to significantly improve performance and culture. Along the way, we will experience different types of play and learn techniques that can be immediately used by all the participants and their organizations.

 Registration Fee: $25 with conference; $75 without conference