There are many opportunities for your company to become a conference partner for the WEEF-GEDC 2018. We offer gold, silver and platinum levels of sponsorship as well as two conference VIP levels; the Dove and the Olive Branch. Additionally, there are more than 20 opportunities to exclusively brand specific activities and conference enhancements. Digital Branding boosts are available as well and you definitely want to your brand to be a part of the giant interactive gesture wall and corresponding beacon technology. Our sponsorship team is happy to discuss creating a custom package to suit your needs.


WEEF-GEDC 2018 will attract between 1,000 and 1,500 people of many disciplines and backgrounds that regularly incorporate, support, and/or utilize engineers and engineering their repertoire.  The range of patrons includes US and foreign companies, national labs, venture funds, multilateral organizations, foundations, non-governmental organizations, university presidents and engineering deans and faculty from around the world. In addition, we are also inviting over 500 qualified top performing undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the Global Career Fair. 

Why Sponsor

Join us as a valued sponsor because you and your organization believe in peace and engineering.

• Shape the future of your industry by understanding the pressing societal issues – It’s all about corporate social responsibility and a movement
• Inspire and challenge your employees to participate in global challenges and shape our collective futures
• Building long-term relationships and ecosystems with industry, academia, R&D centers, NGOs, multilateral organizations and others 

Our world is in a precarious place and faces a growing number of humanitarian and ecological issues and concerns. We believe that YOU and YOUR COMPANY are an integral part of the solution. As you read through the event pro­gram, you will see your own company’s initiatives in direct alignment with the mission of the conference, and we see your participation as crucial to its success. This success is not only of the conference but in the poignant display of social responsibility and the integration and implementation of the very principles that drive the premise of innovation – human and ecological advancement.

At the core of Peace Engineering is our planet’s destiny, which is calling its current leaders to act in concert. We must actively develop solutions by addressing known problems directly with the integration of programs, technologies, policies while educating the next generation of world leaders – all based around the language of innovation and technology. 


For more information, please email: info@weef-gedc2018.org
Or call:  Laura Kesselman at (505) 266-3451