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Monday, November 12
7:00 - 8:00Registration
8:00 - 16:00Workshops: GSF, ABET, BlockChain, Employability, Ethics by Design, Smart Cities, Peace Engineering (Stanford)
16:00 - 19:00Welcoming Reception
Tuesday, November 13
7:00-8:00Registration & Coffee
8:00-8:30Keynote A: Peace Engineering
8:30-9:00Panel A1 - Academia/Teaching Peace Engineering
9:00-9:30Panel A2 - Industry/Multilaterals
9:30 - 10:00Panel A3 - National Labs/Transitioning to Peace Engineering
10:00-10:30Innovation Plaza Exhibition Break
GEDC: Development of Programs in Peace Engineering (How to use engineering to promote peace; importance of including context of various world regions)
13:00-13:30Panel A4 - Global Perspectives
GEDC: Sharing Best Practices in Experiential Leaning/Skill building- impact on employability (includes addressing the role of Industry-Academia partnerships)
15:00-15:30Innovation Plaza Exhibition Break
GEDC : How to take traditional programs into the 4th Revolution/introducing digital
competencies (to include discussion on Professional Continuous Education/staying
current and competitive)
17:00-18:00Innovation Plaza Exhibition Cocktail Hour
19:00-21:00AirBus-GEDC Diversity Award Dinner (Location - tbd)
Wednesday, November 14
7:00-8:00REGISTRATION and Coffee
8:00-8:30Keynote B - Future of Engineering
8:30-9:00Panel B1 - Policies and Sustainability
9:00-9:30Panel B2 - Capital and Markets
9:30 - 10:00Panel B3 - Intergenerational, Employability
10:00-10:30Innovation Plaza Exhibition Break
GEDC: Mobility in the broadest sense (students/faculty/projects) including virtual mobility
by communication to complement mobility by transportation
13:00-13:30Keynote C - Industry Forum
13:30-14:00Panel C1 - Ethics by Design
14:00-14:30Panel C2 - Wealth Creation, Management and Preservation
14:30-15:30Innovation Plaza Exhibition Break
GEDC: 10th Anniversary- Panel discussion on the past-present-future of GEDC
17:00-18:00Innovation Plaza Exhibition Cocktail Hour
19:00-21:00GEDC 10th Anniversary Event
GSF Event
(Location - tbd)
Thursday, November 15
7:00-8:00REGISTRATION and Coffee
8:00-10:00KEYNOTES: Academia, Industry, Govs, Multilateral, Funding Agencies - Future of Engineering Education
10:00-10:30Innovation Plaza Exhibition Break
10:30-11:00Panel D1 - Future of Engineering Education
11:00-11:30Panel D2 - Peace Engineering in the Field
11:30 - 12:00Panel D3- Peace Engineering through Health
13:00-13:30Panel D4 - NSF, NAE, WB, UNESCO
GEDC: Ethics in engineering practice: Climate Change Resilience and Sustainability in Urban Areas (Ethics: focusing on The Environment- using engineering in a sustainable way)
15:00-15:30Innovation Plaza Exhibition Break
GEDC - Inter-institutional Global Research collaborations (A forum to explore and
exchange ideas and opportunities for global research partnerships)
17:00-18:00Peace Engineering Review and Summary
19:00-21:00IFEES Awards Dinner (Location - tbd)
Friday, November 16
7:00-8:00REGISTRATION and Coffee
Innovation Plaza Global Career Fair - Global Entrepreneurship Challenge Final
16:30-17:00Closing Remarks