Rovani Sigamoney

Rovani Sigamoney

Programme Specialist of the UNESCO Engineering Programme

Rovani Sigamoney is a chemical/environmental engineer from South Africa who started in the platinum refinery/mining sector and then moved on to researching bioenergy systems and biofuels for Africa.
She joined the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) HQ in Paris, France in 2007 in the Natural Sciences Sector and later ran the Chemistry programme and International Year of Chemistry 2011. She thereafter took over the UNESCO Engineering programme. The Engineering Programme is working with Member States (UNESCO has 195 Member States), international partners and program experts to strengthen engineering education through curricula development, hands-on training and capacity building. In line with UNESCO’s global priorities on Africa and Gender Equality, it focuses on women and Africa but also has activities around the world. Rovani is passionate about women in engineering and encouraging more youth to pursue careers in engineering.
Rovani previously worked in Brazil, USA and Ireland. Before joining UNESCO, she worked at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Paris on a biofuels strategy and then at the Wuppertal Institute of Climate Change in Germany on a policy document for the European Parliament on the security of energy supply.

Plenary Panel P16: Academia, Industry, Govs, Multilateral, Funding Agencies

Representatives from the National Science Foundation, ABET, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), the World Bank and UNESCO discuss what they are doing to further peace engineering and peace engineering education.