Rodney Herrington, P.E.

Rodney Herrington, P.E.

Chief Technical Officer and Founder, Aqua Research LLC and Aqua Membranes LLC

Mr. Herrington is the founder and Chief Technical Officer for two water technology companies which he started in 2010. Aqua Research LLC is focused on innovative electrolytic chlorine generation technology. He has commercialized an innovative personal hand-held purifier, H2gO, a family-sized Oasis ultra-filter system, and a community-sized Stream system capable of treating 60,000 gallons per day of drinking water. He is developing a family of related water treatment technologies for the developing world and industrial applications. His other company is Aqua Membranes LLC and it is commercializing an innovative industry disruptive reverse osmosis membrane filter technology. In 1994, he was one of the founders of MIOX Corporation, an innovator in on-site chlorine generation systems. Mr. Herrington has more than 30 patents or patents pending regarding water technology. Mr. Herrington holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering from Texas A&M. He is a registered professional engineer in New Mexico.

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Examples of peace engineering by people who have engaged in the process in different ways to adapt to the situation – providing expertise to solve a technical problem with local community engagement, in areas of conflict and in areas of dispute.