Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson

Co-Director, Peace Innovation Lab, Stanford University

Former relief-worker, investment banker, and social entrepreneur, Mark Nelson founded and co-directs Stanford Peace Innovation Lab, where he researches mass collaboration and mass interpersonal persuasion.
Mark focuses on designing, catalyzing, incentivizing, and generating resources to scale up collective positive human behavior change. He has described a functional, quantitative definition of peace, in terms of technology-mediated engagement episode quantity and quality across social difference lines; he has identified innovative, automated ways to measure peace, both at the neighborhood and global level; and he has developed a formal structural description for peace data. He leads the Global Open Social Sensor Array Project, and designs technology interventions to measurably increase positive, mutually beneficial engagement across conflict boundaries. Mark’s mission is to create an entire new, profitable industry, where positive peace is delivered as a service. other projects include epic global challenge and peace markets. mark is also a researcher and practitioner at Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, and a member of Stanford’s Kozmetsky Global Collaboratory.

Plenary Panel P8 – Innovations in Peace Engineering

Peace Engineering: Developing Curricula for a Trans-Disciplinary Emerging Field

This workshop uses a fluid dialogue to identify the desired skills, best practices and research questions needed for the future global engineer. Using working models from Stanford, Drexel and Purdue, along with insights from Engineers Without Borders, we will guide participants through the process of how to integrate peace engineering into their own courses or […]

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