Juan David Reina-Rozo

Juan David Reina-Rozo

PhD (c) IngenierĂ­a - Industria y Organizaciones; Investigador Visitante D-Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Juan David Reina is a PhD Candidate on Engineering – Industry and Organizations program at Colombian National University and a research affiliate at MIT D-LAB. He has a Master in Development and Enviromental studies from the Colombian National University. He has worked with Engineers Without Borders in several conutries in Asia and Latinamerca. His research focus are peace-building processes, local innovation. innovation ecosystems, open science and engineering education. Member of the International Development Innovation Network and the Engineering, Social Justice and Peace network. He is part of the editorial boarding of the Internatinoal Journal of Engineering, Social Justice and Peace, Spanish version.

Critical Conversations about Trust: Reflecting on our Experiences and Sharing our Insights

Trust building for engineers who care about social justice, sustainability and equitable outcomes of their work, must be based on an interrogation and self-critique of the values and motivations behind the desire to work with the community. Explore ideas related to trust in your work with communities and in your classrooms.

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