Francisco Viramontes

Francisco Viramontes

Computer Engineering Masters student in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of New Mexico

Francisco earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of New Mexico and is continuing his education there to obtain a Masters. His technical interests are in the internet of things: machine learning, embedded systems, cybersecurity (both hardware and software), computer networks, and cloud computing.

His Master’s thesis is in the creation of a sensor network to gather meaningful statistics on network activity (number of users, bits sent through the network, signal strength, etc) and use Gaussian Process regression to predict this network activity to make temporal and spacial recommendations to maximize quality of service.

A work in progress version of this research has been presented at the Central Intelligence Agency’s 2nd Annual Directorate of Science and Technology Summer Symposium, and the 2018 UNM ECE Student Conference.

Francisco teaches the C programming language in two labs at the University of New Mexico for ECE 131: Programming Fundamentals, he is also the co-president of the UNM IEEE student branch.