Evelyn Mullen

Evelyn Mullen

Associate Director, Threat Identification and Response at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Evelyn Mullen is the Associate Director for Threat Identification and Response at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The Directorate is focused on non-proliferation and counter-proliferation R&D associated with weapons of mass destruction; space defense and systems applications, warfighter support, homeland security and intelligence analysis.

ADTIR is comprised of five divisions – Advanced Nuclear Experiments (ANE), Analytics, Intelligence and Technology (A), Intelligence and Space Research (ISR), Nuclear Engineering and Nonproliferation
(NEN), and Sensitive and Special Operations (SSO) and includes about 750 staff, including students and contractors, and executes budget of approximately $400M.

During more than 26 years at LANL, Ms. Mullen has served in many leadership roles for large, complex technical organizations and programs. Ms. Mullen has been engaged in the leadership of the Weapons Program Science Campaigns as well as Global Security Programs, most significantly the Foreign Nuclear Weapons Intelligence Initiative (FNWII) and the Capabilities for Nuclear Intelligence (CNI), the Nuclear Counterterrorism Program (NCT), and Nuclear Weapons Emergency Response. Ms. Mullen has been recognized through several significant awards: the 2006 National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Medal of Excellence for Distinguished Service in the National Security of the United States, a Defense Program Award of Excellence in 2012 for the Development and Implementation of the CNI Program Strategy, a Defense Program Award of Excellence in 2010 for Technical Support for US Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation Policy, and a LANL Director’s Large Team Distinguished Performance Award in 2010 for the Critical Experiments Facility Operational Readiness Review Team.
Ms. Mullen holds Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Nuclear Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of New Mexico. Ms. Mullen currently serves on the Army Science Board and the Executive Board for the American Nuclear Society – Trinity Section. Ms. Mullen formerly served on the Advisory Board for the Texas A&M University Nuclear Engineering Department and the Los Alamos Employee Scholarship Committee.

Plenary Panel P6 – Extreme Engineering/Global Challenges

Engineering infrastructure resiliency in the face of crises – whether natural or hostile in nature. Advancing capabilities to respond to future threats to global peace.