Elsie Maio

Elsie Maio

Founder/CEO, Humanity, Inc/SoulBranding℠ Institute

Elsie Maio is on a mission – to empower business to profitably align with the web of life. Grounded in tangible business priorities, Ms. Maio started her career on Wall Street and at Institutional Investor and McKinsey & Company. A serial innovator and systems thought-leader, she’s been a voice for social-purpose enterprise for decades, quoted in numerous books on the subject, publishing in financial- and business media, and speaking to audiences in academia and other professional venues internationally.

Through her public platform and realtime engagement with clients, Elsie has helped usher in the sustainability movement since 1997. Now, she is convinced democratic capitalism is ripe for a systemic leap, one in which a new kind of engineer will play a central role.

She has helped scores of leaders to discover emergent trends in business and society, and to commercialize that advantage. Her business management framework and toolset, The SoulBranding℠ Process, uniquely marries high performance business practices with the disruptive advantages of heart-centered stakeholder empowerment.

Clients of her company, Humanity, Inc/The SoulBranding℠ Institute, include virtually all sectors and formats. They span the Fortune 100, mission-driven organizations, cross-sector national partnerships and social-impact startups.

Ms. Maio also mentors younger entrepreneurs, is an active member of the Strategic Advisory Board at Ethical Markets and the EthicMark® and has served on the Boards of the Socially Responsible Business Alliance of New York (Whole Profit), the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, and on the International Advisory Board of the Women’s International Network (W.I.N. Conference).