Caroline Baillie

Caroline Baillie

Professor of Praxis in Engineering and Social Justice, Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering , University San Diego

Caroline Baillie is Professor of Praxis in Engineering and Social Justice at the University of San Diego. She brings over 25 years of experience in teaching engineering across multiple engineering disciplines and countries, research and development in engineering and education as well as community development and social justice work. Previously she was Chair of Engineering Education for the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at University of Western Australia, Chair of Engineering Education at Queens University, Canada, educational developer and materials lecturer at Imperial College, UK and the University of Sydney as well as holding a three year position founding and running the Materials Engineering Subject Centre in the UK. Baillie’s research considers socio-technical processes and systems, which enhance social justice, and educational systems that promote these. Baillie brings lessons learnt from these studies and practices into the curriculum and the classroom to facilitate the transformation of future generations of engineers. In 2006 Professor Baillie founded Waste for Life (, to ‘practice what she preached’ as a socially just engineer. WFL ‘socialises knowledge’ about materials engineering with communities wishing to transform waste into composite material products for income generation. Her most recent program, ‘Standing People Together’ adapts forest school pedagogy in support pf grassroots community action. Baillie co-founded the Engineering Social Justice and Peace network in 2004 ( and co-hosted the most recent conference ESJP13 at USD in San Diego, Jan 2018. Professor Baillie has published 27 scholarly books, an edited series of books on ‘Engineers, Technology and Society’ and over 200 book chapters, peer reviewed journal and conference papers. Recent books include Green Composites: Waste and nature-based materials for a sustainable future (Woodhead, 2017, with Randika Jayasinghe) and Improving teaching and learning in science and engineering laboratories (HERSA, 2017, with Trina Jorre de St Jorre and Elizabeth Hazel)

Critical Conversations about Trust: Reflecting on our Experiences and Sharing our Insights

Trust building for engineers who care about social justice, sustainability and equitable outcomes of their work, must be based on an interrogation and self-critique of the values and motivations behind the desire to work with the community. Explore ideas related to trust in your work with communities and in your classrooms.

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