Bhavesh Mistry

Bhavesh Mistry

Head of academic marketing program, National Instruments

Bhavesh Mistry drives the academic marketing program at National Instruments and is responsible for developing a global strategy to work with researchers to drive innovation in ambitious engineering challenges, and support educational programs to define innovative teaching experiences. Mistry leads a global effort to define solutions and approaches that support initiatives around student success, retention and program accreditation.
In this role, he works with partner companies, Deans, Directors and Educators of global educational systems ensuring students are successful in meeting their research and learning goals, and participates on the ASEE Corporate Members Council and the ECEDHA Industrial Advisory Board, providing guidance to these organizations on how to drive employability and innovation in engineering education.
Prior to this role, Mistry was Academic Program Manager of North and South America where he focused his attention on developing world-class teaching and research laboratories across the US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and the rest of the Americas. Mistry has also held the role of General Manager of National Instruments Toronto where he was responsible for marketing, sales, product development and operations.
Mistry attended the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, and graduated with Distinction with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree, in Electrical Engineering. He has previous work experience in software consulting, applications engineering, product management and technical marketing.

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