Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman

CEO, Token Communities

Alex Lightman is an award-winning executive, entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker known globally in the Blockchain community, with expertise in technology, telecommunications, energy, mining, international trade and government.

Lightman has received four global awards and was called a “CEO of the Future” by The Chief Executive magazine in their 20th anniversary issue and a “rising star” by Forbes. He has been featured in the press over one thousand times, including over 800 times on television.

Lightman is the founder and CEO of Token Communities and Blockchain Commodities Exchange, acquired by Token Communities. He is or was an advisor to 20+ companies on Blockchain and coin/token offerings and keynotes around the world on “solving big problems with Blockchain, AI and IoT”, “CryptoHistory 2009-2050”, and “Visionary Blockchain Projects”. He is the first columnist for ICO Crowd magazine, an best-selling author in seven categories, and keynote speaker at 20+ Blockchain conferences in 2018.

Advisory clients who have successfully completed ICOs include Science (famous for incubating Dollar Shave Club and selling for $1 billion cash), BLOCKv, Sense, Scanetchain, Kingsland Academy for Blockchain, Propy, BlocSide Sports,, and Liberty AIM. These companies have raised over $200 million from crypto offerings in aggregate.

Other Blockchain advisory clients include Verity, NYNJA, Good Money, Block Commodities, FR8, ICO Crowd, Decentric Media, BitSpeed (now partnered with Google), Cape Lambert, and Volt Resources.

Lightman has been called a “modern renaissance man” and a “super-intelligent polymath” in the Blockchain community. Educated to be a thought leader in technology and policy at MIT and Harvard’s Graduate School of Government, he has won four global awards for technology and a national award as one of America’s ten most innovative educators.

Of these awards, the most significant is the first ever Economist magazine Readers’ Award, for “the innovation most likely to radically change the decade 2010 to 2020”, on behalf of 4G wireless, voted on by people in many countries and beating Elon Musk and five other world class innovators in votes.

Lightman wrote the ONE.Earth white paper for Brock Pierce (pioneer of virtual goods and of ICOs, one of Forbes crypto rich list, with 160+ crypto investments). The white paper describes how to gift $1 billion via what Lightman calls an “EnDAOment”, without any management or staff, voted on by token owners using Delegated Proof of Stake, plus five other methods invented by Lightman. Lightman gave a keynote about EnDAOment at Blockchain Unbound Puerto Rico and about a third of the audience took pictures of the five Proofs of slides, indicating significant interest.