Important Deadlines

Here is a reminder of your upcoming deadline dates:

TaskDue Date
Submit your final paperFriday, October 19
Register to attend the conferenceFriday, October 19
Book your Hotel RoomTuesday, October 30
Submit your copyrightFriday, November 2
Submit your PowerPoint PresentationFriday, November 2


Final Paper Submission

If you haven’t already, you MUST upload your final paper by October 19, 2018. If your paper is not submitted by October 19, 2018, it WILL NOT be published.

Please make sure that the paper title format follows the style convention for heading and author names:

  1. Do not use all capital letters.
  2. The first letter in all of the words except prepositions and conjunctions should be capitalized. For example, a title “a paper for the global conference” should be written as “A Paper for the Global Conference”.


PowerPoint Submission

We have added a button for PowerPoint uploads. To ensure that your PowerPoint presentation is preloaded to your assigned room, please submit your PowerPoint by November 2, 2018. If you do not upload your PowerPoint by this time, please bring a copy of your PowerPoint on a thumb drive to your scheduled presentation time. 

  • To access the upload button, log in to your profile, select “paper submission” and select the “PowerPoint” button.
  • Make sure your PowerPoint is formatted 4:3 to fit the screen in your presentation room.

Each presentation has been allotted a strict 15 minutes, this includes the transition between authors. Please prepare to present for approximately 10-12 minutes, including Q&A time. We suggest a maximum of 8-10 slides.

NOTE FOR PLENARY PANELISTS:  If your group agrees to allow PowerPoints, the submission deadline is November 2. PowerPoints should be built in a 16:9 widescreen format and emailed to


To Submit Materials

To submit your materials, including your copyright, final paper, conference registration, and Powerpoint, login in HERE.

To Confirm Presentation Time

The conference schedule is updated often, to verify your time, please visit the online program.   The easiest thing to do is search by speaker (see menu bar on the top left) click your name and it will show you your assignments. 


If you have not registered, register here immediately:


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Direct questions to Claudia Hafez, or 505-266-3451