14th Global Student Forum – 2018

Theme: “The voice of students in peace engineering: share, magnify and revolutionize”

GSF-2018 is upon us and with it some changes that will serve as a new era for SPEED and all the students committed to engineering education.

The Global Student Forum (GSF) is an international conference organized by the Student Platform for Engineering Education (SPEED) that focuses on the subject of engineering education including current problems in the field and solutions to overcome those problems. Every year GSF has a theme, last year it was sustainability in engineering, this year it will be “The voice of students in peace engineering: share, magnify and revolutionize”. This year we will shift attention towards the voice of students in several areas of interest for our society.

The 14th GSF will consist of several events: a four-day design camp competition divided into three tracks (Industry, Academia, and Entrepreneurship) where committees of recognized specialists in each area will create a design question to get students to share their ideas and find pertinent solutions to the problems we face today as societies. We will also have a broad spectrum of student-organized workshops in several engineering areas for participants to learn new skills.

Additionally, this year many student organizations from the University of New Mexico are joining in to provide workshops for conference attendees, this includes Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in conjunction with the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Engineers Without Borders (EWB), and Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and support from American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). This event started in Brazil and has been hosted in Turkey, South Africa, India, Hungary, Russia, Singapore, Argentina, Colombia, Dubai, Italy, South Korea, and Malaysia. Now this year, for the first time, it is hosted in the United States!

Come and join us and be a part of a community of student leaders who gather to create solutions for the world.

What can you expect from our event?

Arrival Day + Welcome Night (Sunday, Nov 11th)
This is the perfect day to welcome you to the world of SPEED, have dinner and get to know people from all corners of the globe. If you arrive early, you could explore the city of Albuquerque with a bunch of other international students.
Local and International Cultural nights (Monday, Nov 12th, and Tuesday, Nov 13th)
Let’s jointly explore what Albuquerque and the World have to offer. You should bring your country with you to Albuquerque! Let your imagination fly and bring anything you need so you can share your country with the rest of the world (food, attires, music, dances, etc.)
Design Thinking (Monday, Nov 12th to Thursday, Nov 15th)
The career path for Engineering students can be fairly divided into three streams: Industry, Academia, and Entrepreneurship. For this GSF we wanted to explore with our participants, what is the role of students in these areas? And we will start the day with a debate to elucidate the opinions of the participants.
After this, our participants will receive a design question, prepared by a technical committee of representatives of each area, the design question will portray a challenge faced by young engineers after graduation and will serve as a starting point for the design thinking process to find a potential solution.
Motivated by the design thinking method, presented by Stanford University – Center for Professional Development in the Webinar “Design Thinking = Method, Not Magic” to name just one of their courses, this year we will focus our efforts on the first three steps of the method (Empathize, Design and Ideate) to obtain a solution for the design question.
Presentations + Poster Competition (Wednesday, Nov 14th)
Just before SPEED’s General assembly, we will have a day filled with friendly competitions, we will hear our participants ideas and eventually declare the winners for the best solutions elaborated in each area and the best poster presented in our annual competition.
Workshops (Tuesday, Nov 13th)
We will have engineering-specific workshops led by students from the University of New Mexico for you to enjoy, we will have a great variety of workshops for everyone’s taste. This will cover topics ranging from sparking engineering and scientific interest for girls and students in low-income areas, to providing food security in dry regions, to topics in machine learning.
SPEED General Assembly (Thursday, Nov 14th)
One of our final events will be the General Assembly, where we gather all SPEED members to share ideas on how the next SPEED year will look like.
Intergenerational Panel (Thursday, Nov 14th)
The theme for this year’s intergenerational panel is situated in the interesting times for peace engineering and more broadly the world that we live in. Both IFEES and SPEED are celebrating peace engineering as a key element to construct better societies for the future during this year’s WEEF and GSF. Discussions at the panel this year will live in the fears, uncertainties, agendas, and hopes for the future of peace engineering.
Global Career fair (Friday, Nov 15th)

What will you receive after this experience?

  • Certification of participation.
  • International exposure, work with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to achieve solutions for the world.
  • A global network of engineering student leaders.
  • Continuous support from the SPEED team during and after the event so you can accomplish your goals in the short and long run. We have 10 years of experience gathered in our team.
  • The winners of the GSF will receive a special prize.
  • The possibility to join SPEED and work further on the enhancement of engineering education.


Click on the image to view and download the GSF information kit. This kit includes information about SPEED, GSF, how to register for GSF, and planned activites for the 14th Global Student Forum!


Registration Fees

Full Conference, GSF, hotel and breakfast.
Full Conference, GSF, hotel (no breakfast)
Full Conference, GSF, and breakfast (no hotel)
GSF Only, hotel and breakfast (no WEEF-GEDC)
GSF Only, and hotel (no WEEF-GEDC, no breakfast)
GSF Only (no WEEF-GEDC, no breakfast or hotel)


We need your help sponsoring students and student organizations for the 14th Global Student Forum. How can you help?

  • Sponsor student attendance through registration fees, costs for meals and lodging
  • Sponsor workshops provided by the student organizations of the University of New Mexico
  • Sponsor the local culture night so that the international students can celebrate the culture of New Mexico, and the United States

. If you would like to be a sponsor, please click on the buttons below to download the sponsorship letter and the sponsorship tiers. 



Participating Student Organizations